Pregnant Students

Title IX Rights

You have the right to be treated fairly!


Here are just some of the rights available to you as a pregnant student:

  • You must be given an adequate recovery period after childbirth to make up any missed assignments or exams.
  • If you’re an athlete, you can take a redshirt season while pregnant and should not be dismissed from sports teams because of your pregnancy.
  • You cannot be penalized for any medically necessary absence by a professor or teacher.
  • You have a right to be accommodated with a comfortable testing space within your university or high school while pregnant.


As a pregnant student in Colorado, your time on campus is protected and any concerns or issues may be addressed and resolved.

Forms of pregnancy-based discrimination:

  • Discouragement in continuing your education because of your pregnancy
  • Asked to step down from sports teams, leadership roles or campus clubs due to pregnancy
  • Lack of response from professors or teachers per request for necessary deadline extensions
  • Inadequate amount of time given to complete exams or assignments after childbirth
  • Departure of school housing while pregnant
    Negative comments made about your pregnant status or future plans


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