While abortion is a medical procedure that affects a woman physically, its after effects can also have an impact on a woman (and man) psychologically.
Several studies conducted over the last 20 years demonstrate a significant increased risk exposure for adverse mental health outcomes in women who choose abortion.
The largest study to date incorporating data from 22 individual studies indicates the following increased risks associated with abortion:
*Anxiety Disorders: up 34%
*Depression: up 37%
*Alcohol Use/Abuse: up 110%
*Suicide Behaviors: up 155%
*Marijuana Use/Abuse: Up 220%
The risk of suicide following an abortion was 600% greater than following a live birth.
If you have chosen abortion in the past and are experiencing complicated grief and adverse reactions, there is healing. The Boulder Pregnancy Resource Center has ‘After Abortion Care’ to help you walk through and grieve the loss as well as a referral to a licensed counselor to help you navigate through this time in your life, and all life’s circumstances.
If you find yourself in an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy, this is the time to seek help and support. Making a decision out of fear, especially during the Covid Pandemic may lead to regrets. Not all women and men experience the regrets and depression associated with a critical reproductive decision, but when in doubt, educate. Knowledge empowers women and men to make informed decisions while taking the time to know you are making a decision that will not decrease your mental ‘health.’
You might think that your pregnancy is not timed well, your finances are not in order, you’re not ready to be pregnant or give birth right now. But circumstances can change. Even in an unplanned pregnancy, studies show that women who give birth have less depression and suicide than women who choose abortion.
The BPRC team of trained mentors can help you before, during and after an unplanned pregnancy whether you choose to parent, choose someone else to parent your child or have lost a child through miscarriage or abortion. Knowing you have support for as long as needed can make all the difference in the world.


Adverse mental health outcomes caused by abortion are preventable. Suicide caused by abortion is preventable.
If you feel like you are in an emergency please dial 911 for help and assistance or if you are suicidal the National Suicide Prevention hotline can help  1-800-273-8255.
If you find yourself in need of counsel and support in a non emergency please reach out.
References:  American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists.